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Social Media Tools

People are changing the way that they consume online information, as well as their expectations about its delivery. The social nature of the Web brings with it an expectation of interaction with information and modern Web design is reflecting that.

What good is it if a user finds something that they like (like news, a blog post, a product, a video, a picture, or any other information) but it’s too difficult to ‘like’ it or ‘tweet’ it [or ‘pin’ it] right from that page? Embedding the ability to share on all pages of content is now essential. Content pages should have social sharing buttons to making it easier for users to instantly share the information, media or items.

In order to follow my own advice, I myself have implemented the “sharing” option on all of my blog posts which appears on the bottom of each of posts. I did this by changing the sharing options in the settings of my WordPress account. Now, my audience is able to share my posts to their own network in either Google +, Facebook, Twitter, or on WordPress.