Inforaphics as an Information Design Tool


Infographics – Overview

Information graphics or Infographics is a term that refers to a number of different types of visual aids that can be used to express information. The use of graphics to convey information has the capacity to transform our understanding of an issue and, to some extent, free us from the narrowness of words, labels, and classification systems. Infographics is not a new concept; it has been around since the beginning of history, and cave paintings created by early humans could be considered the very first instances of infographics.  Infographics are used in all sorts of environments and places, and are an important element in determining what certain things mean. The various types of infographics that can be used include, but are not limited to, pictures, graphs, diagrams, charts, lists, maps, and tables. Which infographics will work best for a particular project, of course, will depend on what kind of information needs to be relayed.

 infographic examples

Tools for Creating your own Infographics

Several on-line infographics creators, such as, Piktochart and have been launched in 2012. These sites allows users to create infographics from pre-designed templates, add custom data and share infographics and charts on the web or download as pictures for placing in presentations. is a free service that generates interactive, javascript based online infographics and charts. Piktochart is a site that allows users to create infographics using pre-defined themes that allow some customization. Users can export an image of their infographic when they are done. Free access is limited, but a paid subscription allows users to create more infographics and utilize many more themes. is another free infographic creation site utilizing themes. Users have a canvas that they can drag themes and customizable graphics onto in order to personalize the look of their infographic.

Infographics Implemented in My Blog

Since I have began blogging, I have implemented the use of infographics in all of my posts in order to convey large amounts of information or deeper meaning. Take for instance the infographic at the top of a page. Without reading the text in the blog, you can look at this image and in just a few seconds understand what infographics are, why they are beneficial, and where they can be used to add value to information documents.


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